knocking four quick times

I had a piece in Ex Libris, an exhibition curated by Siolo Thompson.

“Knocking Four Quick Times on the Door of Unhappiness,” Oil on Panel, 12″x9″x1″, 2014

Albert Camus’ The Stranger contains a number of themes, including: (1) the meaninglessness of life in an indifferent universe, (2) the importance of the sensate world, and (3) the absurdity of the attempt to impose rationality on an irrational world. As a negative force, this vision of life can lead to the violent and detached ego of Meursault, the book’s protagonist or even worse, the broader atrocities of our contemporary world. As a positive force, this can deepen our compassion for those that share existence at this time, and can serve to lead us to the understanding that not all of the violence and cruelty of the world can be rationalized away. For me, The Stranger is at once an illumination and a warning. My request that proceeds go toward HRW is an expression in the belief that our lives are improved when we face the irrational expressions of violence with courageous and defiant attention as well as with a broadened compassion towards its victims.

You can read more about it here.